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Welcome to Roxbury Community College Online - MyRCC

MyRCC will serve as a one-stop solution for all of your needs as an admissions applicant, student, faculty, or staff member. After logging into MyRCC, you will have access to a number of customized resources tailored for your specific needs. In addition, each of you will have access to My Pages where you can add your own bookmarks, calendar events, and webpage content.
Student Activities
Mentoring for Success

Mentoring for Success
is a great way to make a connection on campus, gain personalized support to clarify and work towards Your goals, meet new people, and gain additional resources and information to help you work towards your success - Apply NOW to be a Mentee or Peer-Mentor for this program year! For more information and/or to apply click here.
Voice your campus concerns

Have a campus concern or issue that’s meaningful to you? Let the Student Government Association (SGA) know so they can respond to your issue and direct it to the right people on campus. Voice your concerns and questions to the SGA by emailing them at
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
There is not an inquiry form available from this portlet at this time. Please check back later to make an inquiry.



Students will have only one username and password for use with MyRCC / E-Learning and Pharos. Email and Moodle will have the same username but the password will be different. We are working toward only one username and password for everything.

Student Username Format
Student username will be first initial, middle initial (if applicable), last name. Your username will be used to log in to MyRCC, Pharos, email, and Moodle

Student Username are made up of the first initial followed by middle initial (if provided) and then last name

     example: John J. Smith = jjsmith (all lower case and nospaces)
     example: Jane J. Smith = jjsmith1 (in case of duplicate,
                                                         a number will be added incrementally)

     example: Jane Smith = jsmith (if no middle initial provided)

Student Password Format

There is a default password to be used the first time you log in to your MyRCC account. The default password is:

The first 4 digits of your student number

The last 2 digits of your birth year

The first initial of your first name (upper case)

The first initial of your last name (lower case)

     example: John J. Smith
     student ID #: 118123
     birth year: 1987
     password = 118187Js


If you have login issues please contact the HelpDesk at (617) 427-0060 ex. 5555 during normal business hours.
The Help Desk hours are:
     Mon.–Fri.     7:45 am - 7:30 pm
     Sat.              9:00 am - 2:00 pm

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