Student Employment

Welcome RCC students to the Federal Work-Study employment resource page!

Working while going to school has a variety of benefits and allows students to continue the learning process outside of the classroom.  Many of our students, each with different interests and goals, have been able to secure positions which closely aligns with their degree of study.  We are assisting students with the employment process through the Federal Work-Study Program and connecting our students with both on and off campus part-time employment opportunities.

Benefits of Student Employment

  • Earn money to assist with educational expenses
  • Gain work experience
  • Expand network of contacts and get to know other students 

Federal Work-Study is a need-based federally subsidized program that provides part-time employment to undergraduate students on or near campus.  A student that qualifies for Federal Work-Study must submit the FAFSA application and any other financial aid materials requested by the Office of Financial Aid to be considered for a work-study award.  Students who are awarded Federal Work-Study will be notified in their financial aid award letter.  The amount indicated on your award letter reflects the maximum you may earn for that particular semester.

If you have been awarded Federal Work-Study, you are not required to work.  If you are interested in pursuing employment opportunities, students are responsible for conducting the job search.  As available positions are limited, we cannot guarantee that each student will secure a position.

Unlike other forms of financial aid, Federal Work-Study is not applied as a credit to student accounts.  Students are paid on a weekly basis for hours worked during the prior week.


General Student Employment Information

Pay Rates

The pay rate is based on the job you are performing.  Since your Federal Work-Study award is of a finite amount, your pay rate determines the number of hours that you are able to work.

Students cannot work more than twenty hours per week during academic periods.

In order to determine the number of hours you may work for the semester, divide your Federal Work-Study amount by your hourly pay rate, and then by the number of weeks in the semester or the number of weeks during the semester that you wish to work.

Online Job Search

All available positions are published on MyRCC web portal and can be found under Federal Work-Study Job Openings.  Students need to reach out to the person of contact on the job posting to arrange for an interview.  Upon receiving an offer all students must begin the paperwork process for clearance to work in the Office of Financial Aid.  All paperwork must be completed and approved by the Office of Financial Aid and the Human Resource Office.  The student cannot begin working until they receive confirmation from Payroll.

Equal Opportunity Policy

Roxbury Community College is committed to providing equal opportunity for all students in those matters involving admission, registration, and official relationships with students.  In addition to practicing policies of nondiscrimination, the university takes affirmative action in the recruitment of students.

Student Employment Office Contact Information

Office of Financial Aid - RCC
1234 Columbus Avenue Building 2-201
Roxbury, MA 02120
Phone: 857-701-1225